Winner 2019

The Netherlands, Belgium 2019

84 min.

When her parents end up in an acrimonious divorce, the headstrong, highly volatile Bo (12) moves to an Amsterdam suburb with her mother and brother. Once there, her neighbour, Joy, introduces her to the kickboxing club. She demonstrates natural talent and is very soon taking part in the Dutch championships, but her parents divorce is distracting Bo and threatens to ruin the contest. Bo has to learn restraint and accept that she can’t control everything.

  • Director: Johan Timmers
  • Producer: Ineke Kanters, Jan van der Zanden
  • Screenwriter: Barbara Jurgens
  • Director of photography: Jeroen de Bruin
  • Main Cast: Aiko Beemsterboer (Bo), Bas Keizer (Dani), Noa Farinum (Joy), Hilde De Baerdemaeker (Esther), Ali Ben Horsting (Alex), Dioni Jurado-Gomez (Jesse), Imanuelle Grives (Cecilia)
  • Editor (Cut): Philippe Ravoet
  • Sound Design: Thierry De Vries
  • Original Score: Stijn Cole, Tom Pintens
  • Production Design: Minka Mooren
  • Specialeffects Supervisor: Stefan Beekhuijzen
  • Costume Design: Tine Verbeurgt
  • Makeup: Marjon Hoogendoorn